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The Commercio story

Restaurant and Cinema Commercio

It all began in 1973, when two iron merchants, Eugen and Walter Schoch, remodelled the old Commercio at Stadelhofen station. Their goal: to use this great location to open a unique, authentic restaurant. They also enhanced the Commercio business with a cultural enterprise. This was the beginning of the smallest cinema in Switzerland, located just beyond the restaurant seating area. A cinema with 47 seats, dedicated to the art of film.

Galerie Commercio

The Schoch brothers continued to expand their enterprises in the areas of culture and art. In 1973 they opened the Galeria Commercio at the same address. It was a forum for contemporary art and a meeting place for art lovers and artists. In 2011 the Galeria and its rooms were integrated into the newly renovated restaurant Commercio.

Collana Bar e Caffè, Pepito and Arthouse Uto

The Commercio Group Zurich opened its first restaurant – Collana Bar e Caffè – at Sechseläutenplatz in 2012. The original Pepito was integrated into the same building as a takeaway restaurant. In 2013, Arthouse Uto added 209 seats to the Arthouse cinemas.

Cellini by Commercio

The company continues to expand. The caffè bar “Cellini by Commercio” is set to open in Europaallee in 2019. This is the next planned step in the history of the Commercio Group Zurich in this beautiful city.

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