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c/o Restaurant Commihalle
Stampfenbachstrasse 8
CH-8001 Zurich
+41 44 250 59 70

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Handmade pasta for your culinary enjoyment

Is there anything more enjoyable than sitting around a table with friends, a hot plate of pasta and a glass of good wine? We place great emphasis on the quality of our pasta. That’s why we make our own in the Pasta-Freunde kitchen located in our biggest restaurant, the Commihalle, and send it out to the rest of our restaurants. The Pasta-Freunde team packs it with care.

Delivered fresh daily

Many of our pastas are carefully folded by hand, for example the cappelletti, which change with the seasons. The pace at which our pasta specialists fill and shape the thin pasta dough is incredible, but it’s the only way to keep up with demand. The pasta and popular dessert classics are delivered fresh every day – quality and joy of handicraft included.

Pasta specialties



The secret of our homemade “Cinque C” spaghetti is its mixture of five different grains: durum wheat semolina, spelt flour, whole wheat flour, rye flour and wheat flour. This makes the spaghetti more nutritious as it is enriched with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Egg white adds to the quality of the pasta and ensures a proper balance of carbohydrates and protein. And the fiber keeps you feeling full longer, which in turn aids digestion. They’re simply good, these “Cinque C”.



The delicate pasta sheets for our cappelletti are filled and folded by hand daily. It takes a few months of practice for our pasta experts until the hand movements become second nature and they have reached our kitchen tempo. Which is why it is so important that we have many long-term employees on our Pasta-Freunde team. Our house record for hand-folded cappelletti is currently 8.2 kg – per employee and per hour!



In days past, field workers in Puglia were only allowed to collect the grain that remained after the harvested fields had been burned. From this grain they ground flour that had a nutty-smoky roasted flavour. And so the day labourers also had their pasta. Today, we make the grano arso pasta ourselves. It’s an especially flavourful pasta that pairs well with a spicy tomato sauce.



Your order to take home

Do you want to enjoy our quality products at home? We have a wide variety of pasta types: filled pasta, short pasta and gnocchi as well as dessert classics such as tiramisù, panna cotta, mousse au chocolat and crèmeschnitten – all handmade. 

We will gladly take your order at +41 44 250 59 70. You can pick up the freshly prepared products at the Commihalle within 24 hours (at Central square in Stampfenbachstrasse 8).

Products and prices

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Our gift to you

Sometimes the Pasta-Freunde team like to prepare a goodie for our customers. These goodies are always fresh and seasonal – we like surprising our customers. It’s our way of saying “thank you”.


Pasta-Freunde team

  • ​Luca Azzalin

    ​Luca Azzalin

    Team Leader

  • Ernesto de Angelis

    Ernesto de Angelis

    Team Member

  • Carlos De la Cruz

    Carlos De la Cruz

    Team Member

  • Rudi Antonio Perez Lopez

    Rudi Antonio Perez Lopez

    Team Member and Driver